Orphaned Animals Who Were Adopted By A Different Species

<p> Richard Austin/Rex USA </p>
<p> Richard Austin/Rex USA </p>

Sometimes, love really is blind. From dogs rescuing kangaroos to pigs caring for lambs, "One Big Happy Family" by Lisa Rogak shares stories of animals who became a surrogate mom or pop to a kid of another species.

Check out some of the true tales from her book:

1. The boxer and the goat

(Richard Austin/Rex USA)

Tilly the boxer took in this baby goat after she was abandoned by her mother when she was only a few hours old. Tilly cleans and grooms the baby goat, who follows him everywhere he goes.

2. The cat and the squirrel

(Nils Jorgenson/Rex USA)

Rebecca and Martin Hill came across a newborn squirrel while they were out for a walk. Knowing that the squirrel wouldn't survive long on his own, they brought him home. Their cats Sugar and Spice had just had a litter, so the Hills took a gamble and slipped the baby squirrel, whom they named Chestnut, in with the nursing kittens. Sugar and Spice took to Chestnut right away, and they groomed and fed him just like he was one of their own.

3. The peacock and the goose

(Rex USA)

Valentine the peacock hadn't had any of her own chicks for a few years when the staff at How Park Farm gave her some goose eggs to sit on. Only one of the eggs hatched, but Valentine immediately took on the role of proud mother to her new gosling. According to Caroline Halse, who works at the farm, "She walks it around, shows it what to eat, and even puts it to bed at night."

4. The pointer and the owl

(Richard Austin/Rex USA)

Even though Kiera is a German shorthaired pointer, a dog that was bred to hunt, as soon as she met this tiny scops owl, the only instinct she felt was maternal. As soon as Cherub the owlet came to live at the Devon Bird of Prey Centre, Kiera adopted him, and now she doesn't let the little bird out of her sight.

5. The spaniel and the sheep

(Richard Austin/Rex USA)

Jess the springer spaniel takes her duties on her sheep farm very seriously. Not only does she guard the sheep and carry buckets of water and tools, but she also helps out with nursing any orphaned lambs, even carrying bottles of milk for them in her mouth.

6. The dog and the monkey

(Top Photo Group/Rex USA)

When an orphaned baby monkey was being relentlessly bullied at a zoo in China, zookeepers introduced a dog named Sai Hu to help the baby keep company and protect him. The two became fast friends. The baby monkey regularly rides around on Sai Hu's back, and the dog took on a paternal role, guarding the baby against the other monkeys.

7. The baboon and the bush baby

(Reuters/Thomas Mukoya)

When Gakii, an orphaned 3-month-old bush baby, was brought to the Nairobi Animal Orphanage in Kenya, the staff assumed they would be responsible for caring for the tiny primate. They didn't expect that a 7-year-old baboon would step in and mother the bush baby herself. The baboon spends most of her days holding Gakii in her arms.

8. The dog and the kangaroo

(Newspix/Rex USA)

Rex and his owner were out for a walk one day when they noticed a kangaroo on the side of the road who had been struck and killed by a car. As soon as they got home and Rex was off the leash, he ran off and returned with something in his mouth. It was a 4-month-old baby kangaroo who had survived in his mother's pouch. In the days before the joey was brought to a wildlife sanctuary, Rex and the 'roo bonded, cuddling and playing together.

9. The pig and the lamb

(Alex (Coppel/Newspix/Rex/Rex USA)

Edgar Allen Pig was rescued from a factory farm and lived a long life on a farm sanctuary in Australia, where he served as a surrogate father to other farm animals. One of his favorites was this baby lamb, who came to the sanctuary at only 1 week old.

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Photos courtesy of Lisa Rogak