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Kitten Was Barely Alive When She Showed Up On Just The Right Doorstep

In April 2015, a mother cat left her baby, bloodied and suffering, in front of a couple's house. The pair waited to see if the mother would come back - but she didn't. The tiny, barely alive kitten was suddenly theirs.

The kitten, only one week old, had blood in her eyes and mouth and couldn't open her eyes yet. Her condition was obviously critical - it didn't seem likely that she would survive.

Her mother probably abandoned her because of how injured she was. Maybe the sweet kitten's mother had hoped someone more equipped would find her baby and save her life.

The vet's office was closed that day, so the couple cleaned the kitten up the best they could before she received professional help. They named her Penny - and hoped she had a chance.

When they were finally able to get Penny to the vet, he found gravel in her mouth, and determined that the right side of her mouth had been crushed by something - or possibly someone. He was also worried because she hadn't opened her eyes yet, and they had been filled with so much blood.

With help from a rescue, the couple took Penny back home and continued to do their best to care for her - and at around 3 weeks old, little Penny finally opened her eyes.

As Penny began to grow, it was clear she was going to do more than just survive ...

... she was going to thrive.

The adorable kitten has the most beautiful eyes, and as she grew into her face more her new parents noticed that because of her mouth injury, she looked as if she always had a smug look on her face. Adorably so.

Penny is also missing her upper right teeth, but that never stopped her from eating and growing ...

... and growing ...

... and growing some more.

Penny took a liking to the couple's older cat, Eden, and never let her past get in her way.

Now, Penny is a happy and healthy cat, living a wonderful life.

If the couple hadn't believed in her, Penny would likely have died that day in April. Instead, she's living her best life ...

... and never plans on looking back.

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