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Little Bird Has Risky Surgery But He Never Stops Fighting

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Last week, a woman came into reception with what seemed to be a ball rolled up in towels. We discovered that it was a greenfinch stuck inside a bird feeder! The lady said that the bird had been inside the feeder for a while, looking very unwell. The bird should have been able to fly through the bars by itself, but it didn't, so there was clearly something wrong. The vets examined it and discovered wounds on each side of its body, but nothing that couldn't be fixed by our vet, Emma! The bird was anaesthetised so she could stitch up the wounds. After the quick surgery, Emma started to wake it up. It was taking an unusually long time to regain consciousness and we began to be very concerned. After all it been through, it would have been very sad if it didn't make it through the operation. After many long and worrying minutes, it finally woke up a little confused, but fine!

We released it after a few days, in the woods near where it was found.