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Street Dog Was Ready To Give Up, Until Someone Gave Him A Reason To Live

Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue group in India, heard about a senior dog who had been pulled out of a sewer by a kind passerby, and then refused to move.

YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

The poor dog had a wound near his tail, but was likely unable to walk because of how dehydrated he was - and how defeated he felt.

"We couldn't find any injuries on his legs, but he was unable to stand," the rescue group wrote in a video.

Rescuers quickly warmed the pup up with a soft blanket ...

YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

... and brought him to be cleaned up and treated.

After tending to his wound, rescuers gave the dog much-needed food and water, and let him rest ...

... and slowly but surely, he began to stand again. A little love was apparently all he needed to find his strength again.

YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

After a month of healing time, the senior dog wasn't only walking again - he was running.

YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

It just goes to show that sometimes all you need is someone to love and believe in you.

Check out the full video of this incredible rescue below: