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India Hires Youngsters Dressed As Animals To Ward Off Marauding Monkeys

Faced with the problem of too many rhesus monkeys wreaking havoc in India's capital city of New Delhi, officials there have devised a surprising plan to drive them back into the forest -- and it involves dressing youngsters up as animals.

Up until recently, the most effective way to keep the marauding menaces at bay had been to have handlers roam the cities with leashed langurs, a larger species of monkey that rhesuses are naturally wary of. A few months back, however, using langurs like this was outlawed as inhumane, and since then there's been a resurgence of monkeys occupying the streets and various government buildings.

Fortunately, New Delhi's Minister of Urban Development, M. Venkaiah Naidu, thought of an alternative plan. As part of a new measure, the job of scaring away the monkeys will go to "trained persons who disguise themselves as langurs."

According to India Today, the ministry has already hired 40 young people who have mastered the look and intimidating call of langurs.

There's no telling just yet whether the rhesus monkeys will actually be fearful of the humans in disguise, but if they are, it's likely that even more faux-langurs will be brought on board.