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India Becomes Global Leader In Ending Animal Testing

<p>Flickr, <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/o_hai/">Of Corgis &amp; Cocktails</a></p>

Exactly one week after India announced that it would ban testing cosmetics on animals, the country has announced a ban on testing household products like detergents and cleaners on animals. The Bureau of Indian Standards announced the move, spurred by a campaign by PETA India.

The ban will end a practice that involves rubbing chemicals into guinea pigs' shaved skin for a "skin sensitization test." Non-animal testing methods will be used instead, in addition to testing on patches of human skin. The move essentially ends animal testing for all cleaners, detergents and other Indian household products but imported products that use animal testing will still be available in the country.

India is now the second country, after Israel, to ban animal testing for both cosmetic and household products.