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Beagle Rescued From Life In Lab Is Too Scared To Leave Cage

While dogs have shown they can overcome even the ugliest injury, a video uploaded this week served as a heartbreaking reminder that the some of the deepest wounds cannot be seen.

On Monday, animal shelter volunteer Chinthana Gopinath shared footage of a rescued laboratory beagle seemingly too frightened of his newfound freedom to step outside his carrier.

"While many run out of the crate as soon as the door is opened, many choose to stick to the safety of the small spaces that they have always called 'home,'" wrote Gopinath on Facebook. "Freedom and its many treasures are only cause for fear and bewilderment."

The fact that the dog could leave his cage at all, however, represented a major victory. The beagle was one of 64 released on Monday thanks to new guidelines requiring labs in India to rehabilitate dogs used in experiments and find them homes.

"India is taking an important step towards the ultimate goal of ending experiments on dogs," said Dr Shiranee Tettamanti Pereira, a campaign manager for Cruelty Free International. "The new guidelines will give so many dogs the opportunity to live freely for many years after being released from laboratories."

According to Gopinath, that includes the beagle in her video.

"[They all] learn to find a way to peace and joy," wrote Gopinath.

To learn more about Cruelty Free International's campaign to end experiments on dogs, click here.