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India Bans Cosmetic Testing On Animals

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The Indian government has announced a ban against testing cosmetics on animals, after animal activists like PETA India and Humane Society International pushed for the move. The ruling -- an amendment to the country's Drug and Cosmetics Act of 1945 -- goes into effect 45 days from now and will ban cosmetics which have been tested on animals inside India.

But there are some loopholes, Times of India reports:

However, the ban will not prevent companies from importing and selling animal-tested cosmetics in the country. Companies are still free to outsource their animal testing to other countries and then import newly animal-tested cosmetics and ingredients back into India.

The nation is following the lead of the EU, which completely outlawed cosmetic testing on animals last year. The next step for India is to also ban the import and sale of cosmetic products and ingredients that have been tested on animals in other countries -- a move that Israel and 28 countries in the EU have already made. Cosmetic testing on animals is still allowed in the U.S., despite countless protests against it. A petition calling on its ban has over 44,000 signatures.

Cosmetic testing on animals often involves applying products to the ears, eyes, mouths and noses of animals like rats, mice and rabbits. In the past decade, research centers like the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing have made huge strides in devising alternative ways to test products that don't harm animals.