Pack Of Photogenic Wolves Finds A Camera In The Forest

Those kisses! 😍

There was once a time when wolves could no longer be found living inside Yellowstone National Park — but now they're back and thriving.

For conservationists, the wolves' renewed presence comes as its own reward. Still, you might say this particular wolf pack found a way of saying “thanks.”

Creative Commons CC0

The other week, Yellowstone National Park shared charming footage from a wolf research trail camera that had been placed out in the forest. In it, a pack of wolves are seen strolling down a snowy path when the camera catches their eye.

Rather than merely pass by and pay no heed to the odd device, the first wolf in line instead approaches it — offering an extreme close-up, and even a few kisses.

The rest of the pack soon comes into view. And as you’ll see, they’re quite photogenic, to say the least:

As of early 2020, at least 94 wolves (composing eight packs) are known to live in Yellowstone Park, with hundreds more inhabiting the surrounding region — the result of what is considered one of history's greatest conservation success stories.

But though those statistics are certainly worth celebrating, seeing wolves thriving once more, as in the video above, really makes it all that much sweeter.