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Mother Bison Protects Newborn Baby From Hungry Coyote

And she JUST gave birth.

A baby bison had only just entered the world and already he needed help. 

Luckily, his protective mom was there to save his life.

Joy Guffy, a ranger in Yellowstone National Park, captured the dramatic moment just after a bison gave birth to her newborn calf. As a hungry coyote got closer and closer, the bison put herself between the coyote and her newborn, determined to protect him.

It’s no wonder she did. Not only are female bison the leaders of family groups for the species, they also only have one baby at a time

"After giving birth, a cow bison successfully defended her newborn calf from a very determined coyote,” Yellowstone National Park wrote on Twitter, along with the stunning images Ranger Guffy captured.

"Not easy being a coyote,” one commenter rightly replied. Coyotes are one of the most hated and persecuted predators in the U.S.

Even so, this bison mom wasn’t about to let her new family be torn apart, even if the coyote needed to eat. 

"Never mess with a good mom,” another commenter added.

You can help wild bison by making a symbolic adoption, which helps preserve their natural habitat.