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Woman Spots The Most Gorgeous Moth — And Then He Brings A Friend

"It’s ON MY DECK” 😍

When Rebecca Lavoie noticed a pink and yellow moth on the deck of her New Hampshire home, she could hardly believe her eyes.

The brightly-colored moth, known as a rosy maple moth, looked like something out of a cartoon — with wings as colorful as a butterfly’s and a fluffy lemon-yellow body. Lavoie managed to snap a photo of the unique visitor and posted it on Twitter. “This moth exists in nature and it’s ON MY DECK,” Lavoie tweeted.

This moth may look like it belongs on a tropical island, but it’s native to North America, with a territory that ranges from southern Canada to Florida, and as far west as Texas.

Its name comes from its unique pink coloring and preference for living on maple trees in deciduous forests and surrounding suburban areas. But they're not too picky when it comes to choosing a home, and can be found on oak trees as well.

Most people would be lucky to come across one such vibrant moth in their garden, but later that evening, Lavoie found that the moth had brought along a friend.

“Update: This species of moth *really* seems to enjoy hanging out on our deck,” Lavoie wrote on Twitter.

According to the University of Virginia’s Mountain Lake Biological Station, rosy maple moths start showing up in the spring, anytime from March through May.

These moths are typically solitary and nocturnal, except when it’s time to mate. The female moths release pheromones, which the males pick up with their feathery antennae. “When it is the right time, the adult moths emerge in the late afternoon and mate in the late evening,” the station writes.

Now that the weather is warm, you can expect more frequent sightings of these adorable creatures — a perfect reason to sit outside and enjoy the sunset.