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Woman Wakes Up To Find Very Strange 'Dog' Standing In Her Bedroom

"He somehow just lunged at the door and the door opened."

A woman in Bixby, Oklahoma, woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday to some sudden and strange noises.

It was just after 4 a.m. and still dark outside. She thought her cat and her miniature schnauzer were wrestling and that's what was causing the ruckus — but what Bonnie Moriarty didn't realize was that there was a wild intruder in her home. 

Oklahoma woman's miniature schnauzer
At first, Bonnie Moriarty thought her miniature schnauzer was making the noise β€” but she was wrong. | YouTube/CBS 17

Moriarty's husband was out of town and her kids were sleeping upstairs when a couple of animals sprinted into her bedroom β€” one of them was her cat.

The other might have been her dog — except her dog came in just afterward and started barking at the animal she thought was her dog, who was crouching in the corner

"And that's when I realized, 'Holy crud, I've got a coyote stuck in my bedroom,'" Moriarty told local news station KOKI.

Moriarty's screams woke up her children, and the whole family managed to corral the coyote in the bedroom while Moriarty called the local police. 

Local police removing wild coyote from Moriarty's bedroom
Local police safely removing wild coyote from Moriarty's bedroom | YouTube/CBS 17

In retrospect, Moriarty believes that the coyote probably got in through the back door of her house, which wasn't bolted shut. "He somehow just lunged at the door and the door opened," she said. 

Three policemen arrived and managed to catch the coyote with catcher poles and take him outside. No one β€” human or animal β€” was injured in the incident. And once released, the little intruder scurried back into the woods β€” probably with some relief.