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Woman Does The Nicest Thing For A Mother Goose Caught In Hail Storm

"And then, just when you think it couldn't get any nicer ..."

Earlier this week, the Lakewood region of Colorado was hit with a powerful storm, dropping golfball-sized hail as far as the eye could see.

But while that might normally send people running for cover indoors, it spurred one Good Samaritan in the opposite direction โ€” toward a mother goose with babies nesting in a planter in front of her office building.

woman shields geese
Ryan Anthony Davis

Ryan Anthony Davis, who works in an adjacent building, saw the woman from his office window.

“Some of us noticed a person standing in the middle of the storm holding an umbrella at an awkward angle,” Davis wrote online. “Turns out she was shielding the mama goose from the hail."

"And then, just when you think it couldn't get any nicer, another person comes in to help shield her,โ€ Davis added.

He captured the touching scene on video:

The two individuals who set aside their own comfort, exposing themselves to the pelting hail, likely never imagined their act of kindness would be noticed, but we're glad it was. A commenter on Davis's post later identified the pair as Ali Garfias and Man Ha, employees of The Integer Group.

As it turns out, the goose they saved builds her nest in that same spot each year โ€” and knowing she has neighbors like Garfias and Ha around, it's easy to understand why she keeps coming back.

geese and goslings
The Integer Group