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Woman Buys Lettuce — Then Realizes Someone's Living Inside It

She saved his life 💚

Last weekend, UK resident Shevaughan Tolputt was unpacking groceries she’d just bought from Aldi when something odd caught her eye.

Something inside her lettuce was moving.

frog rescue lettuce
Twitter/Shevaughan Tolputt

When she got a closer look, she noticed that someone — not something — was perched atop the leaves.

It was a tiny frog.

As she turned on her phone to take a video, the shy little animal looked up at her, and then started burrowing down further into the lettuce for shelter. He’d just been on quite the journey, and probably wasn’t ready for much more excitement.

frog rescue lettuce
Twitter/Shevaughan Tolputt

Tolputt was definitely surprised, but this actually happens more often than people think. Frogs and spiders are often caught hitchhiking on vegetables or even houseplants, and are often only noticed by people once they’re brought home from the store.

Luckily, Tolputt wasn’t bothered by the harmless frog and knew just what to do.

She gently removed him from the lettuce and released him outside in a grassy area with a pond nearby.

frog rescue lettuce
Twitter/Shevaughan Tolputt

While, in most cases, animals found traveling on fruit or veggies are non-native and shouldn’t be released, this particular lettuce was labeled as British-grown — meaning the frog had simply hopped on at a nearby farm.

Hopefully, the tiny guy will choose the perfect spot to live in the wild this time, and steer clear of the lettuce fields. And thanks to his kind rescuer, he’s got all the options in the world.

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