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Nice Mom Decides To Name All The New Ducks In Her Neighborhood

"She can tell them apart. Wolfgang Duck was my favorite, and she was quick to point him out to me."

Caring about the folks who live around you, and getting to know them by name — it's what being a good neighbor is all about.

But one sweet suburban mom took that notion further than most.

This week, Twitter user Morgan (@_morganicole) shared a post about her mother's adorable gesture for a group of ducks who have taken up residence in her Texas neighborhood.

Morgan's mom, an animal lover, has made a habit of visiting the ducks in their pond while out on her walks. A while back, she was delighted to discover that one pair had been joined by an adorable line of newborn ducklings, all of whom appeared to be healthy and thriving.

Recently, she sent photos of them to Morgan — and then revealed that these weren't just random ducks to her.

Reinforcing the truth that each one of her new feathered neighbors were unique individuals with their own identities, Morgan's mom decided to give them all names.

And judging by the monikers she came up with, she had a lot of fun doing it.

Sure, chances are Feather Locklear and the others will never refer to themselves by those names, but they've made each duck distinct in Morgan's mom's heart. And her loving, albeit whimsical, gesture for the birds is attracting attention online.

"I thought it was the funniest thing," Morgan told The Dodo. "She’s always done things like that, but I still get surprised at the creativity in what she comes up with. And she can tell them apart. Wolfgang Duck was my favorite, and she was quick to point him out to me. (He’s the bottom duckling in the first picture.)"

And in the end, the world is a friendly place when neighbors stop being strangers.

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