Woman Makes An Adorably Tiny Bed For Squirrels In Her Garden

Adorable 😍

Let's face it, being a squirrel must be pretty exhausting — all the leaping, the scampering, the endless search for nuts.

But the fluffy-tailed visitors in Sharon Cutler's backyard now have a cozy new place to rest their paws.

Cutler is a landscape photographer from England. A while back, she handcrafted a tiny bed made from driftwood to serve as a prop in some pictures of her daughter's guinea pig.

Recently, however, she decided to remake the bed, complete with tiny linens, and place it in her garden to see if any squirrels there might enjoy it, too.

She soon got her answer.

While Cutler looked on, camera in hand, the tiny bed received its very first visitor — a curious squirrel whom she named Cyril.

The little guy, it appeared, was in need of a nap. And Cutler's creation seemed the perfect place for it.

"Cyril the squirrel was so tired from a busy day in the garden," Cutler wrote. "So it was time to say his prayers, plump up his pillow, fluff up his quilt, and jump in to bed."

It was adorable.

The squirrel, in the end, didn't linger too long; he apparently had more tasks to do that day, and was able to fight off the temptation to sneak in a snooze. But the pictures of his visit to the tiny bed are still precious regardless.

"I love photographing squirrels," Cutler told The Dodo. "Such cheeky, mischievous little characters."