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Woman In Australia Shocked When She Catches 'Alien Fish'

He looks like something straight out of a movie 😱

Tee Hokin was out fishing with some friends near Kakadu National Park in Australia when suddenly she got a bite, but she couldn’t seem to reel it in and catch it. It was somehow stuck to the boat, but she and her friends were determined to figure out exactly what she had hooked — and when they finally got the fish unstuck, no one could believe their eyes. 

The fish looked nothing like a fish, but more like an alien out of some sort of science fiction movie. The strange fish had no eyes and teeth that almost seemed to be made of glass. He was long and slimy, and definitely not what anyone had expected. 

"Honestly, the first thing I thought about was the ‘Alien’ movie with Sigourney Weaver and that thing that comes out of people's stomach, that's exactly what I thought, and that's what they describe it as when you look it up on the internet,” Hokin told a local Australian news site

Pictures of the strange creature have since been shared all over the internet, and everyone seems to be in agreement that we may be in the midst of an alien invasion, based on the fish’s appearance. 

While it’s impossible to know exactly what the fish was without having him studied, it appears to be a worm goby, an eel-like creature who lives in muddy areas and is very rarely seen by anyone. They can grow to be over a foot long, but aren’t considered dangerous, despite their slightly scary appearance. 

Since the worm goby is very rarely seen by humans, it’s hard to say how this one ended up getting himself hooked. After giving everyone quite a scare and posing for a few photos, the worm goby was thrown back into the water, and he hopefully found his way safely back into the mud again. 

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