Woman Comes Home To Find A Gigantic New Roommate

Have you ever seen a spider that big?! 😱

‎Laree Clarke‎ was wandering around her home in Australia last week, minding her own business, when she suddenly noticed a shadow on the wall. She shined a light on it to get a better look — and was absolutely stunned at who she found staring back at her

The gigantic spider seemed to appear out of nowhere, and was so big it seemed impossible that no one had noticed him before. Clarke was shocked, and while she didn’t want to harm the spider, she also definitely did not want him in her house anymore. 

gigantic spider
Facebook/‎Laree Clarke‎

“Is there anyone that could remove this from my house,” Clarke wrote in a local Facebook group. “Now!???” 

The spider was identified as a huntsman spider, a species commonly found in Australia. While huntsman spiders can grow to be very large, they’re not at all aggressive and aren’t dangerous to humans. In fact, they even make great roommates because they help control pests. So despite being huge and maybe a little scary looking, the spider on Clarke’s wall had no intention of hurting her — but that didn’t stop Facebook from freaking out. 

As soon as Clarke posted the pictures of the spider, commenters flocked from all over to give their opinion about how she should handle the situation. Many of the suggestions included starting a fire and just moving altogether, but luckily, Clarke was much more levelheaded about the whole thing. 

giant spider
Facebook/‎Laree Clarke‎

Among the alarmist commenters were also many people offering to come and help Clarke remove the spider safely, and she took one person up on their offer. Together, they were able to release the spider back outside and into a tree — a much better place for him than someone’s house.

Many people would not have known how to handle having a gigantic spider suddenly decide to live in their house, but luckily, Clarke knew the spider was just a little confused, and she made sure he made it safely back where he belonged.