Woman Has Very Close Encounter With A Very Large Alligator

He's huge 😳

When an enormous alligator heads your way, it's best to give him space.

Just ask Conny Randolph.

Conny Randolph

Randolph works as a guide at Clyde Butcher's Big Cypress Gallery, a wetland preserve in Florida. It was there that, the other day, she encountered a fellow local resident — an 11-foot-long alligator who was also out for a stroll.

Their paths nearly crossed. But Randolph (wisely) made sure they didn't.

Here's that hair-raising moment on video:

"I'm going to back up a little bit," Randolph can be heard saying as the alligator approached. Good idea!

Turns out, this particular alligator is well-known to Randolph. She says he's lived in the area for decades, though such unexpected close encounters have been something rare. It's all about respecting one another's space — just as it should be.

"When we can live amongst the wild world without harming each other, it is INCREDIBLE!" Randolph wrote.