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Group Of Tourists Suddenly Realizes Someone Is Chasing Them

"We were going around corners like madness."

A group of tourists was driving through Kruger National Park in South Africa, accompanied by a guide, hoping to see some animals out in the wild. They were in an area where their guide hoped they would be able to spot some leopards, when they suddenly came across a gorgeous white rhino instead. 

Even though he wasn’t who they’d been looking for in the moment, they were thrilled to see the majestic animal — until they realized that he wasn’t so thrilled to see them. 

“We were driving along [the] riverbed when this bull white rhino crossed the road,” Rian Boshoff, one of the tourists, told LatestSightings.com. “He stood still right next to the road and we went past him to continue our leopard search. As we did that, the rhino suddenly charged.” 

The rhino seemed to decide he was not at all happy that the group was passing through his territory, so in order to encourage them to move along, he started to chase them. 

The guide was hoping that the rhino would get bored of the chase after several seconds, but the stubborn rhino refused to give up and kept chasing the tourists, who screamed with a mix of terror and delight as he followed them. 

“As you can imagine, the guide stepped on the gas and we were going around corners like madness,” Boshoff said. “The guide decided to head for the bush by making a sharp right turn trying to throw him off guard because of their bad sight, but the rhino just kept charging.”

No matter what the group tried, the rhino just kept chasing them, which they knew was his right. It is his home, after all. 

Finally, the rhino began to slow down a bit — and eventually stopped his chase, as fun as it seemed to be for him. The tourists had left his territory, and he headed back on his way.

Once everyone had calmed down, the guide told them that he’d seen the same rhino before — and that he’d chased down his car in the exact same way. It seems this particular rhino is a bit territorial.

Luckily, everyone was OK, including the rhino. The rhino protected his home, and now the tourists have a story that no one will ever believe.

You can check out the full video of this amazing encounter below:

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