Secret Camera Catches Who Was Really 'Vandalizing' Family's Christmas Lights

He almost got away with it 😂

It was almost the perfect crime — until someone caught it all on camera.

Last week, police in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, got a call from an upset family whose Christmas lights kept getting destroyed by vandals overnight. A crook had struck the property five times within the past month, cutting the strand of lights in half near the sidewalk.

The frustrated family decided to set up a camera to catch the brazen vandal once and for all. Sure enough, he returned that night, but it was the last suspect they could’ve imagined: a wild rabbit.

On the night vision security footage, the rabbit is seen standing at the edge of the sidewalk in the family’s yard. Realizing the coast is clear, he sneakily hops over to the ground-level lights and nibbles at the wire for a few seconds. Once he’s satisfied, he quickly takes off into the night.

The footage surely got a laugh from Sheriff Greg Champagne, who later shared the video on his Facebook page jokingly asking for citizens to come forward to help police identify the rabbit. The post has since gone viral, with over 13,000 views in one week.

rabbit vandal louisiana
Facebook/Greg Champagne

“We have been diligently investigating,” Champagne joked. “Finally, after cameras were put in place, the perpetrator was filmed in the act. Anyone that can assist us in identifying this brazen criminal is asked to contact us.”

The video comes as no surprise to pet rabbit owners, who know just how much the critters love to nibble on stray electrical cords if they’re not kept out of reach. Wires likely attract rabbits because they resemble hanging tree branches or roots, which both domestic and wild rabbits enjoy chewing on.

A wild rabbit eating flowers | Public Domain Pictures

Luckily, the Louisiana neighborhood can now rest easy knowing there isn’t a humbug out there trying to ruin Christmas — just one very mischievous bunny.

If you'd like to bring a house rabbit into your life, make sure you do your research and visit a rabbit rescue near you.