Woman Mourning Her Grandpa Gets Special Visits From A Wild Bird

"I do believe it was a sign from my grandpa."

Earlier this year, Terenye Ann Norris’s dear grandfather passed away. The two had always been close so, with the holidays approaching, her heart was feeling especially heavy knowing he wouldn’t be around share them with her.

“I’ve been struggling with grief,” Terenye told The Dodo. “When he passed it shattered my heart.”

But recently, a little visitor arrived in her life — and all that began to change.

Terenye Ann Norris

While walking along a wooded trail near her home in Ohio at the start of this month, Terenye noticed someone had left a small pile of birdseed on a bench. She felt compelled to take a pinch of the seeds and put them in her pocket — but that seemingly random impulse soon proved to have a purpose.

Shortly after, Terenye saw something she’d never seen in all her years of walking that trail. Not far off, perched on a branch, was a brilliant red cardinal. Having inherited a love for animals from her grandpa, Terenye instinctively reached for the seeds in her pocket.

“I stood on the trail with my hand out, never expecting the bird to fly down and land on my hand,” she said. “Never in a million years did I think it would come to me.”

But that’s exactly what happened.

Terenye Ann Norris

After the cardinal flew to her hand, remarkably bold for a wild animal, Terenye was overcome with awe. She immediately began thinking about another visitor she’d had months earlier.

“I kind of froze, had goosebumps and became emotional,” Terenye said. “After my grandpa passed in April, I noticed a cardinal hanging out in my yard quite frequently.”

It’s impossible to say if that bird from April was the one currently in her hand. The cardinal eventually did flitter away that day — but it wouldn’t be their last encounter.

Far from it.

Terenye Ann Norris

The following day, Terenye was walking the trail once more. She’d brought more birdseed along just in case.

And sure enough, the little bird came to visit her again. This encounter felt less random as Terenye’s thoughts turned once again to her grandpa.

“I really feel like it was a sign from him,” she said. “It was a comforting feeling.”

Though the two visits had done wonders to lift Terenye’s spirit, there was more in store yet.

Terenye Ann Norris

Last Sunday, this time on a different trail, Terenye was visited again. She believes it was the same cardinal as before.

“I was talking to it, and it was just staring at me, as if it knew what I was saying,” Terenye said. “Nothing like this has happened to me before.”

Terenye Ann Norris

It’s hard to say for certain what has been inspiring these visits from a wild bird, but in Terenye’s heart, she senses a connection that defies easy explanation.

And though it’s something of a mystery, the positive impact it's all had on Terenye certainly is not.

Terenye Ann Norris

“Since the visits, I feel at peace, comforted,” Terenye said. “I do believe it was a sign from my grandpa.”