Wild Toucan Finds Traffic Camera — And Will Not Be Ignored

He knows he's a star 🌟

This TV station's video stream normally captures the dull monotony of highway traffic — but that all changed over the weekend when a colorful passerby decided to drop in for a surprise visit.

Facebook/TV TAM

Ahem, a little lower please.


Facebook/TV TAM

Brazil's TV TEM shared charming footage of this brilliantly orange-beaked toucan who landed atop a sky-cam tower in São José do Rio Preto — and spent a few moments gracing everyone with his presence.

Fortunately, the camera operator didn't fail to heed the insistent bird's demands to be noticed.

And with that, a star was born.

Toucans can be found in forests throughout this region of South America, where they put their generous beaks to good use munching on mostly fruits, berries and nuts. While spotting them in the wild is not unheard of, rarely does one stop by to make such an up-close appearance.

But, alas, all good things must come to an end — and with a little bounce and leap, the toucan then continued back on his way.

Facebook/TV TAM

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