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Scared Tiger Cub Escapes Zoo Enclosure To Find His Mom

It sounds like the mother tiger is roaring in distress in the background.

A video clip has just surfaced that captures the anguish of a little family of tigers at a zoo in China.

Tiger cub escaping enclosure at zoo in China
Aehasce Kfaosle/YouTube

The clip starts with a shot showing a small tiger crawling out of a building's open window at the zoo, reportedly located in the Liaoning Province.

The cub stays close to the ground, as if scared of the keepers who are starting to surround him, talking hurriedly about what to do. A child's voice can also be heard in the background.

Tiger cub trying to find his mom in zoo in China
Aehasce Kfaosle/YouTube

The cub walks close to the wall of the building, which is reportedly the cub's nursery, and approaches the cage adjacent to the building. An adult tiger, who appears to be the cub's mother, is close to the bars of the cage, and the cub starts pacing back and forth and putting his paws on the side of the cage. 

Tiger cub separated from mother at zoo in China
Aehasce Kfaosle/YouTube

The keepers start to surround the tiger cub, who gets more and more frightened. They pull his tail and handle him roughly, as bystanders film the incident with their cellphones. One can even be heard chuckling as the tiger is pulled by his tail back toward the nursery and through the doors, which promptly slam shut once he's back inside.

Keeper pulling tiger cub's tail at zoo in China
Aehasce Kfaosle/YouTube
Tiger cub being pulled back to enclosure at zoo in China
Aehasce Kfaosle/YouTube

"It’s incredibly heartbreaking to see this young captive tiger cub seeming to frantically search for his mother," Susan Bass, spokesperson for Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary in Florida that saves abused and neglected tigers and other cats from the zoos and circuses that mistreat them.

"In the wild, mother tigers raise their cubs for two years," Bass added. "It is very stressful and a torment for both mothers and their cubs to be ripped apart at such a young age. It sounds like the mother tiger is roaring her distress in the background. And the cub must have been terrified."

There are fewer than 4,000 tigers left in the wild — and too many endure dismal conditions in captivity. 

To help tigers, you can donate to preserving their habitat. You can also support Big Cat Rescue.