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Fisherman Spots Baby Fish Drying Up And Rushes To Do The Right Thing

"When I see an animal in trouble ... I can't close my eyes."

Four tiny lives probably would have perished if it weren't for the sharp eyes and quick thinking of a passerby.

John was recently visiting the beaches of Mauritius, in Africa, and was walking along the picturesque shoreline when he spotted the slightest bit of motion among the shallows.

Fish stranded at low tide

What at first might have just looked like a bunch of little rocks and pebbles, on closer inspection, revealed some tiny living beings β€” four baby fish were getting stranded as the low tide was coming on. 

That's when John, who actually loves to go fishing, decided to save these creatures.

Fisherman saves stranded fish

"When I see an animal in trouble," John told The Dodo, "I can't close my eyes." 

The short video he took captures the moment he gently scooped each fish up into his palm in order to set them free in deeper water.

According to John, the stranding of tiny fish like the ones he saved seemed to be just part of the structure of the landscape. ​​​​​

"​​​​It was on the beach of Flic-en-Flac [that] at low tide form small isolated pools that dry out later," he said. 

John watched each little fish, when redeposited in deeper water, happily swim away.

Fisherman saves stranded fish

"Probably every day ... just a few die," John added, "but not these four."

The rescue of these four fish proves that sometimes it just takes a little bit of kindness to make a world of difference.