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Deer Tries To Go Through Fence And Realizes He's Made A Terrible Mistake

"It was his hips that had got caught and he just wasn’t able to free himself. He really needed some help.”

A deer was bounding through an apartment complex in Sheffield, England, on Monday when he came across a series of small metal fences. Normally, deer are quite good at jumping over things, but this deer decided he wanted a challenge, and tried to go through the metal fence instead — and ended up getting very, very stuck. 

The poor deer was unable to free himself, and before long some concerned residents noticed him and his predicament and immediately called the RSPCA for help.

deer stuck in fence

“This poor deer obviously thought he could get through the railings and down into the nearby woodland, but he was wrong,” Kristy Ludlam, an inspector with the RSPCA, said in a press release. “When I arrived I found the roe deer stuck in the metal rails, with the front half of his body through, but it was his hips that had got caught and he just wasn’t able to free himself. He really needed some help.” 

After assessing the situation, Ludlam determined that there was no way she would be able to free the deer on her own, as she would need help cutting through the thick metal bars. She contacted South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, who were able to come out and help her free the very confused and slightly embarrassed deer. 

deer stuck in fence

“The crew were fantastic and I am so grateful for their help. We couldn’t have rescued this deer without them,” Ludlam said. “He wasn’t injured, but he was very stressed, so we knew we had to work fast to free him.”

The crew tried to stretch the bars first, but when that didn’t work they carefully cut through them, and Ludlam lifted the deer’s hips until he was finally free. He quickly scurried back into the woods, and appeared to be completely fine after his ordeal — but will hopefully stick to hopping over fences instead of trying to squeeze through them in the future. 

To help other animals in need, you can donate to the RSPCA.