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Squirrel Trapped On Railroad Track Decides To Ask Random Human For Help

"It was just so pure."

One day, Nick Allen was out for a stroll along some train tracks near his home when something curious caught his eye.

There, in the space between the railings on a remote stretch of track, was a squirrel who’d gotten trapped. Try as he might, the little creature simply could not climb up and over the steel barrier in front of him. 

Allen decided to stop.

Nick Allen

“I absolutely wanted to help the little guy over the rail,” Allen told The Dodo. “I was a bit cautious, as I wasn’t sure how safe it was trying to touch the little guy when trying to help him.”

The last thing he wanted to do was stress the squirrel even more by grabbing him. But, much to Allen's surprise, it was the squirrel who took the initiative.

Unprompted, the squirrel proceeded to climb on Allen's leg — clearly asking for help.

Here's that remarkable moment on video:

Allen was blown away.

"When he climbed on my leg, I absolutely thought, 'This cannot be real at all,'" Allen said. "This wild little critter just crawled onto me. I have to be dreaming or something."

But he wasn't dreaming. The squirrel had decided to trust him.

Nick Allen

With that unlikely passenger still clinging tightly to his leg, Allen continued walking along the tracks until he found a nice shady spot where the squirrel could take refuge. The little guy, no doubt thankful for that free lift to safety, understood that this was his stop.

"He just hopped right off and went straight up a tree!" Allen said.

The trapped squirrel's life had been saved. But the events of that day left Allen feeling grateful, too.

"It made me feel so pure and loved that this little guy needed some help and just hopped right onto this random human. I felt trusted. It was just so pure," he said. "I know I’ve been in spots where I couldn’t get out without a little help, and all I needed was a little helping hand. Or in this case, a helping leg."

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