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Squirrel Breaks Into House — And Gets Trapped In Worst Possible Spot

Just another reason to always close the lid 🚽🙊

It was just a normal day at home for some college roommates in Southwark, England, on Sunday — until one of them went to use the bathroom and found a squirrel in the toilet.

Clearly in distress, the animal was thrashing around, and completely soaked in toilet water. The friends called the RSPCA and officer Kirstie Gillard rushed to the apartment to help the unlucky critter.

Gillard grabbed a nearby mop and placed the handle into the toilet, and the squirrel instantly reached out his paws and held on.

squirrel toilet rescue england

No one knows how long he had been stuck in the toilet — but it was clear he was exhausted from trying to escape on his own.

After being lifted to safety, the squirrel let Gillard check him for injuries and wrap him up in a towel. Aside from being a bit soggy, he appeared to be OK, and was able to scurry away unscathed later that day.

squirrel toilet rescue england

“I think he must have come into the house through the roof and slipped into the toilet,” Gillard said in a press release. “Fortunately, the squirrel wasn’t injured at all and I could release him back into the wild where he belongs.”

For Gillard, who is fairly used to finding animals in the strangest situations, this was definitely a first.

squirrel rescue toilet england

“It was certainly one of the most unusual rescues I’ve ever carried out,” she said. “I did rescue a bat stuck in the plughole of a sink last year, but I think this one takes the crown.”

And after his unexpected dive, it’s safe to say this little squirrel will be steering clear of the porcelain throne from now on.

To help more animals in need, you can make a donation to RSPCA