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Backyard Squirrel Takes Feud With Dog To A Whole New Level

"Woke up to horrible news from my dad that my dog’s favorite toy has been kidnapped."

Squirrels versus dogs — it’s a rivalry as old as time.

Recently, however, one of those fluffy-tailed, backyard rodents heightened the tension between him and his canine adversary even further. And now there's nothing this poor pup can do about it.

Lainey Schrag

The dog, named Little Buddy, has always had a sore spot for squirrels. Seeing them prancing oh-so-playfully around the yard, carefree and nonchalant, fills him with the rage of a thousand suns. After all, the yard is his domain!

"He tries to catch them, but he's quite small and has never been successful," the dog's owner, Lainey Schrag, told The Dodo.

The squirrels, meanwhile, haven't taken too kindly to Little Buddy's aggression toward them — and now one has finally gotten revenge. Rather than merely antagonize him from the safety of the treetops like the others might, this squirrel has taken a hostage.

John Schrag

Little Buddy, it seems, made the mistake of leaving his favorite chew toy outside.

And it didn't go unnoticed.

John Schrag

Seeing the toy had been left undefended, this particularly bold squirrel decided to seize the opportunity to hit Little Buddy where it hurts — in the heart.

The dog's favorite toy was now his.

John Schrag

Before Little Buddy could intervene, the thieving squirrel was able to make his getaway. Carrying the toy in his mouth, he then climbed up a tree and deposited it in his nest, far out of the helpless dog's reach.

John Schrag

Word of the incident spread quickly among Little Buddy's friends:

"Woke up to horrible news from my dad that my dog’s favorite toy has been kidnapped by a squirrel and is being held captive in a tree," Lainey wrote on Twitter.

It was a tough day for everyone, but Little Buddy has been trying his best to look strong.

Lainey Schrag

There's no telling where things may go from here. Will Little Buddy now chase the squirrels with added fervor in retaliation? Or perhaps the squirrel's ill-gained leverage can be used to broker a new era of peace in the backyard upon the toy's safe return? 

We can only hope, for everyone's sake, it's the latter.