UPS Driver Shares A Magical Moment With A Random Friendly Squirrel

"I felt like Snow White."

With gift-shopping season now in full swing, UPS driver Oscar Luciano is busier than ever with deliveries to make.

But recently, while dropping off a package at a home on his route in Illinois, Luciano was given a present of sorts just for him — by a fluffy-tailed admirer, no less. And it was all caught on video.

Oscar Luciano

Luciano tells The Dodo that the delivery started just like any other. He frequently drops packages to this customer, so he thought he knew what to expect after ringing her doorbell. He was wrong.

"I'm always jamming to music, so I'm bobbing my head," Luciano told The Dodo. "[Then] this squirrel just jumped out of nowhere."

The random squirrel jumped onto Luciano's back and, despite the surprise, he played it remarkably cool. Here's that moment taken by the customer's security camera:

Where the friendly squirrel had come from, or why she chose to get acquainted with Luciano that day, is anyone's guess. The UPS driver, however, was delighted, whatever the case.

"I think squirrels are cool. I love animals, so I guess that's why I didn't get scared," he said. "That was actually pretty cool. I felt like Snow White and her furry friends."

And surely, that sweet Disney-princess feeling is something Luciano won't soon forget.