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Curious Squirrel Interrupts Baseball Game And Runs Right Through Pitcher's Legs

It happened two nights in a row 😂

On Monday and Tuesday nights this week, the Minnesota Twins baseball team had very similar games at Target Stadium. Both nights they played the Chicago White Sox, both nights they fought hard — and on both nights, a curious squirrel ran onto the field and disrupted the game. 

You often hear about dogs interrupting sports games, but rarely about squirrels, and rarely two nights in a row. Everyone was a little startled and confused, of course, but mostly they just wanted to get the squirrel safely off the field and away from the game. 

The squirrel, however, did not seem fazed at all.

After Monday night’s madness, the players thought they were in the clear, but on Tuesday night the silly squirrel appeared again … 

… and this time ran straight through the pitcher’s legs! 

The pitcher didn’t even notice the very fast squirrel at first, and couldn’t believe it when he realized what had happened. 

After making a mad dash across the field, the squirrel ended up in the stands, where fans tried to jump out of the way to avoid stepping on and hurting the flustered little guy. 

Finally, after running around the field more than most players do, he ran along the side of the field … 

… and disappeared into the foundation of the stadium. 

Both nights, the games had to be paused for a bit, all because of a curious squirrel who just wanted to see what it was like to be part of the team.