Squirrel Was NOT Happy About Being Chased Off Soccer Field

He may be the tiniest fan ever.

Soccer might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those fans who love the sport, really love it.

Some will even go to great lengths to show their devotion.

On October 24, right before Manchester City was set to face off against the Wolves at Etihad Stadium in the UK, an excited fan climbed onto the pitch during warm-ups.

An errant squirrel scurried out of the stands and onto the field, making himself at home in the center circle.

Pursued by two groundskeepers, the sports-loving squirrel delighted the crowd with his devotion to the game. The squirrel managed to elude his pursuers for quite some time, and it was clear that the adversaries were well-matched.

The only thing missing?

A tiny soccer ball.

Like all games, the fun eventually came to an end when the groundskeepers coaxed the squirrel into a corner of the stadium, and escorted him off the field.

The look of utter disappointment on the squirrel’s face as his football dreams were crushed has since touched fans across social media.

The disruption before kickoff thankfully resulted in the squirrel being safely released outside the stadium.

If the squirrel wishes to join the team, he will have to practice like everyone else.