People Are Loving This Little Spider Who Looks Like A Happy Old Man

He's even got a tiny white mustache!

Japan resident Yomikikaseya Sachie was out in her garden enjoying the spring flowers last month when she spotted a tiny creature who seemed quite elated by the blossoms, too.

There, perched comfortably upon one bloom, was a teeny spider.

But not just any spider. 


There was something particularly uncanny about this wee arachnid.

The pattern on his body felt oddly familiar.


Upon closer inspection, Sachie realized it looked exactly like the face of an older gentleman — with a white mustache and a big, beaming smile.

He seemed happy to see her!


Now, Sachie could have easily kept this charming encounter to herself, but luckily for the rest of us, she did not. Instead, Sachie took to Twitter to spread the word about the little man-faced spider.

And boy, are people loving it. Sachie's tweet has since amassed tens of thousands of likes and shares.

Later, in a post about the encounter on her personal blog, Sachie identifies the spider as a "Kohanagumo" — a species from the genus Diaea, a type of crab spider. 

The pattern on these spiders apparently vary from individual to individual, darkening as they mature. But a quick search online for more spiders like the one Sachie saw shows their markings are often strikingly face-like.

It's amazing what animal marvels there are to be found when you stop to smell the flowers.