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Family Driving Down Road Notices Giant Snake Hanging Out On Their Car

He was totally happy — but they were freaking out 😂

Rebecca Mills and her family were driving home from Granite Gorge Nature Park in Australia after a successful camping trip, feeling very relaxed after their little vacation — when they suddenly noticed they weren’t alone. 

There, on the front of their car, was a snake, just casually hitching a ride. 

“You’ve heard of snakes on the plane ... well we had snakes on the range,” Mills wrote on a video about the encounter. 

While the entire family was very alarmed by their little hitchhiker, the snake seemed pretty unfazed by the whole thing, and just casually lay there, bobbing around in the wind. 

As the snake hung out on the moving car, the family yelled and carried on, trying to figure out what to do. Mills’ husband David joked that the snake was his pet now, while their daughter was much more terrified of the whole situation

“With nowhere to pull over, we were forced to drive for quite some time while we looked for a place to pull over,” Mills told ViralHog

Finally, the family found a safe place they could pull over on the side of the road … 

… and as soon as they stopped the car, the snake slithered toward the windshield, causing everyone to freak out again. 

Eventually, though, Mills’ husband was able to get the snake safely off of their car and onto the side of the road, where he slithered away into the forest, safe and sound. The family was then able to get on their way again, hoping that they wouldn’t run into any more hitchhiking snakes. 

You can watch the full video of the snake on the car below: