Seagull Figures Out Perfect Moment To Swoop In For A Sandwich

"This is why we can’t have nice things."

It was about to be the perfect photo from Alicia Jessop's first trip to Maine — and then it became even more perfect. 

Maine tourist with lobster roll

Jessop was about to chow down on one of Maine's iconic lobster rolls. Just before she did, though, she decided to take a photo of the sandwich being held up against the picturesque scenery, complete with lighthouse in the background, so she could share the moment. 

She was about to share much more than that, though. 

Seemingly out of nowhere, a very clever seagull swooped in just as Jessop was focusing on snapping the photo with her right hand while the sandwich was being held by her left.

Seagull steals lobster roll

The photo ended up capturing perhaps an even more perfect Maine moment than Jessop anticipated — even if she had to go out and buy yet another lobster roll.

"This is why we can’t have nice things," she wrote on Twitter — and since she shared the picture, the thieving seagull's photobomb has brought laughter to people all around the world. The seagull, meanwhile, has no idea what an uproar he's caused — or that Jessop has decided to name him Stuart.

Jessop told The Dodo that she thinks Stuart's antics have delighted so many people "because we all need something lighthearted right now to laugh at."