People Take In Chubbiest Little Echidna They've Ever Seen

"How gorgeous is she" 😍

When Hayes first arrived at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania, her rescuers couldn’t believe their eyes. The echidna had been brought in after she was clipped by a car so she could be checked over for any injuries, but it wasn’t her story that was captivating everyone. 

It was her size. 

A typical echidna of her age usually weighs around 6.5 to 7.5 pounds — but chubby Hayes weighed over 10 pounds, and no one could get over just how cute she was. Sometimes it’s concerning if an animal weighs more than they should, but in Hayes’ case, she’s literally just living her best life.

chubby echidna
Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

“She is definitely a big girl. However, this indicates that she is foraging well and thriving in her environment,” Karen Tyrrell, a member of the Bonorong administration team, told The Dodo. 

Hayes is perfect just the way she is, and everyone was so excited to meet such an adorable, happy echidna. 

“How gorgeous is she,” Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary wrote on its Facebook page

chubby echidna
Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

The very chubby lady was incredibly calm as her rescuers checked her over to make sure she hadn’t been hurt by the car, and they were delighted to find that she was completely OK. This meant she could be released back into the wild right away — but, of course, everyone was sad to see her go.

Everyone who interacted with Hayes was so thrilled they got to meet the world’s chubbiest echidna. She’s back in the wild now, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that she’s going to continue to live her best life, thick and thriving.

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