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People Find Unusual Sea Creature Living Inside This Fountain

He was so depressed β€” and couldn't wait to get back home.

It only took a few minutes β€” and a little courage β€” to tremendously change a life. 

A call came in to the wildlife hotline at Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) earlier this month. A local citizen had been visiting the Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang, Vietnam, when he spotted something that just seemed wrong.

A green sea turtle was being kept in a small stone water fountain on the grounds, almost as a decoration.

Fountain in Vietnam where sea turtle was found

Sea turtles all over the world are threatened or endangered because of environmental impacts of fishing and pollution, but also because of the illegal wildlife trade, which can profit from selling the animals as pets or making jewelry from their shells

So at the chance to save one individual, the people at ENV sprung into action. The organization actually has thousands of volunteers across Vietnam who can help when something like this is reported.

Men saving sea turtle who had been taken captive in Vietnam

"An ENV volunteer based in Da Nang later monitored the site and confirmed the sea turtle was still present," Tom Edgar, international communications editor for ENV, told The Dodo. "We then contacted the Inspection Department of Da Nang Fisheries to report the crime."

It's impossible to know whether the sea turtle ever believed he'd see the ocean again β€” whether or not he did, his moment of freedom had finally arrived. 

Man setting sea turtle free

Officials from the fisheries department quickly confiscated the turtle and, after examining him to make sure he was healthy and strong, determined that the best thing for him would be to go home as soon as possible.

So, off they all went on a boat to help him get home. 

Sea turtle swimming away after rescue from fountain in Vietnam

As soon as he touched the water, his life became recognizable again and he started to swim away. 

You can help protect the wildlife of Vietnam by donating to ENV