Rescued Chimp Who Loves Troll Dolls Gets The Best Birthday Surprise

Hint: Rainbow hair.

A rescued chimpanzee named Foxie just turned 41 years old — but she's still young at heart. 

Foxie was born back in August 1976. She spent much of her life as a chimp in a laboratory that was developing vaccines for hepatitis. She was bred, but she never got to raise her babies.

Rescued lab chimp with troll doll
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Perhaps that's why Foxie, who was retired to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest back in 2008, has a deep love for dolls, especially little troll dolls. She even carries some of her dolls around on her back, the way she would a baby chimp, if she had one.

Rescued lab chimp with troll doll on her back
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

So when Foxie's 41st birthday came around this month, her rescuers knew just what to give her. Not only would they give her something sweet — Foxie has a big sweet tooth and prefers smoothies for every meal — they would also give her the party of a lifetime for her and her friends. 

Rescued chimps with troll doll
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Before anything else, Foxie was given dozens of troll dolls to choose from.

Troll dolls for rescued chimps birthday
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Then she was given special watermelon salad bowls, complete, also, with more troll dolls. 

Presents for rescued chimp
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

"Birthday packages arrived this morning, an exciting brunch forage is being prepped, and all the trolls and Dora dolls are lining up for the celebration!" the sanctuary wrote. "Foxie is such a special soul bringing joy, comfort, love and shenanigans to the lives of us all."

She carried her watermelon bowl all over the grounds, even after she was finished with it. 

Rescued chimp with watermelon bowl
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

All in all, it was a beautiful 41st birthday for the rescued lab chimp. Not only did it include her beloved troll dolls, but also a game of chase with Annie and Missy, two of the chimp friends Foxie met at the sanctuary, a lot of laughing, and "hanging upside down from the greenhouse ceiling while kicking her feet every which way possible," according to the sanctuary. "I think it’s more like 41 going on 14."

To help Foxie and all the other rescued chimps at the sanctuary have as much fun as possible in their well-deserved retirement, you can make a donation.