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Family Flips Out Over Raccoon Riding On Hood Of Car

"There's no way this is happening!"

As an animal lover, it was 16-year-old Haylee Lowry’s worst nightmare.

Two days after getting her license, she was driving home with her parents one night this week when, along a dark stretch of road, a raccoon suddenly appeared in front of the car. The new driver had no time to avoid him.

Haylee’s mom, Michelle, felt the impact. 

“When I asked her what she hit, she was almost in tears,” Michelle told The Dodo.

Little did they know, however, that this raccoon was seemingly invincible.

Michelle Lowry

A few minutes later, Haylee’s heartbreak turned to disbelief. The animal she was convinced she’d killed was still very much alive.

Like a scene from some over-the-top action movie, the raccoon — who’d apparently gotten lodged in the car’s front grille during the crash — had emerged from the spot unscathed and was now riding on the hood of the car as it sped down the road.

Everyone in the car basically freaked out.

Here’s video of that unbelievable moment:

“I was just thinking, there's no way this is happening!” Michelle said.

Fortunately, the raccoon looked to be completely fine. And, after Haylee stopped the car, he simply hopped off and continued on his way like nothing happened.

Naturally, that came as a huge relief to Haylee. She’s determined to be more attentive on the road going forward, as to not put other animals at risk while driving.

“I think she definitely learned something,” Michelle remarked. “She said she slowed down last night because she thought she saw another animal. Turned out to be a mailbox.”

Better safe than sorry!

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