Pushy Squirrel Forces Nut Seller To 'Pay' Him Off

Burton always gets his cut.

It’d be a shame if anything were to happen to all these tasty nuts.

That was the unspoken threat one food vendor in England received from a clever (if pushy) local squirrel.


In recent weeks, Have A Banana Trading Co.’s nut display case has been hit by a series of brazen squirrel-based thefts. But apparently, and perhaps not so coincidentally, it was around this time that one fluffy-tailed mafioso stepped in to offer his “protection.”

The squirrel's services, however, wouldn't come without a price.

Burton, as he's now known, would expect his cut.


So, rather than put the business at risk from being pillaged even more by that gang of hungry squirrels, the food stand decided to accept little Burton's offer.

They made a dedicated cubby full of nuts just for him.


In the other cubbies, the nuts are all bagged up, while the nuts in Burton's cubby are loose and easy to grab. That's apparently been enough to keep him from straying into food intended for sale.

Here's a clip of Burton collecting what's owed to him:

Burton is happy, and the nut stand is too. The loss of a few nuts to keep the peace is a small price to pay, as Have A Banana Trading Co. wrote online:

"If you can't beat them..."