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Police Help Wild Deer Out Of A VERY Tight Spot

They have no idea how she got there ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Everyone makes mistakes.

And whatever led a wild deer to try to squeeze herself between two fences probably seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea at the time.

Even the police officers dispatched to help free the deer didn't quite realize what they would find. 

Deer stuck between two fences in Ohio
Bay Village Police Department

"Bay Village Police were dispatched to area of Bradley Road for a deer trapped by a fence," the Bay Village Police Department, in Bay Village, Ohio, wrote on Facebook. "Officers did not expect this."

The deer's entire body was wedged in a semi-upright position, as if, after her hind legs got stuck, she tried to climb her way out with her front legs, which then also got stuck. 

The deer could do nothing else but stay there and wait for help. Luckily, thanks to people who alerted the police, help came. 

Deer stuck between two fences in Ohio
Bay Village Police Department

The rescue was straightforward: The fence just needed to be moved. "Luckily, they were able to move the fence," the police department wrote.

And the deer was so eager to be freed that the police didn't even have time to celebrate helping her (or time to take any more photos) before she sprinted off into the woods, apparently unharmed. 

"The deer bound[ed] off without so much as a 'thank you,'" the police department wrote.