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Nice Officers Comfort Baby Deer After Freeing Her From A Tight Spot

That adorable little face!

There's nothing quite like seeing an adorable animal to brighten everyone's day.

That's what some people in Virginia learned recently when they spotted a very unexpected fawn in their yard — but the little animal actually really needed help.

Baby fawn rescued from window well by police
Fairfax County Police Department

The baby deer had become stuck in the window well of their house. 

While her mother was not nearby, it is common for adult deer to leave their babies in a safe place while they look for food —they return to them later.

But this baby clearly needed to get out of that tight spot she'd fallen into, so these people did the exact right thing: They called the experts for help.

Baby fawn rescued from window well by police
Fairfax County Police Department

"Our officers rescued a fawn who fell into a window well of a home in Great Falls, VA," the Fairfax County Police Department wrote on Twitter this week. "Officer Kolwicz jumped into the window well, handed her to [Officer] Milburn, then they guided her to nearby shrubs for safe keeping until her mother returns!" 

While their encounter with the fuzzy baby fawn was brief, they managed to capture a couple of adorable photos of the little one before placing her where her mom could reach her more easily. 

Window well cover

Spring is baby season for all kinds of wild animals, who can end up in surprising places. Thankfully, there are covers available for window wells — as well as other kinds of brilliant inventions to help keep wild critters safe. 

If you see wild baby deer, don't get too close unless it's clear that they need help. Learn what to do here
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