Woman Returns To Hotel To Find Polar Bear Peeking Out The Window

He'd been busy smashing a whole bunch of wine bottles.

A curious polar bear got into a bit of trouble when he decided to break into a little hotel in Norway. 

A nature guide was returning to the hotel on Sunday morning when she spotted muddy paw prints and realized that there was an intruder — and he was still there. 

But people in Svalbard, an archipelago in the far north, are relatively used to run-ins like this.

"With a stressed bear that has been stuck for several hours, it's not the time to try to go and open a door for him," Malin Stark, the guide, told Aftonbladet.

Even the bear eventually felt he'd overstayed his welcome. He was peeking out of a window of the hotel, looking for a way to leave after the door to the room had shut behind him. He'd already managed to rummage through many stored items in the hotel, smashing bottles of wine in the process.

By the time he heard the local government's helicopter hovering overhead, he hoisted himself up and exited through the window, walking over to the water and jumping into the sea. 

Except for a little cut on his paw, no one was injured. 

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While polar bears are common in Svalbard, unfortunately more and more polar bears across the world are coming into contact with humans due to climate change and habitat loss. But in this case, people knew just what to do so everything turned out OK (if a little wine-stained).

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