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Wild Penguins Decide To Take Back The City During Lockdown

They're loving it ❤

Things are oddly calm these days in Cape Town, South Africa, as residents remain indoors and off the road in light of the lockdown.

The city streets are quiet, yes — but they’re not exactly empty.

Mikaela Slier

Mikaela Slier works as a ranger in the suburb of Simon’s Town, assigned to protect a colony of little African penguins living nearby. Given the birds’ close proximity to the city, that means taking efforts to ensure penguins and people safely coexist.

But nowadays, they pretty much have the place to themselves.

Recently, Slier spotted this adorable trio of little penguins happily strolling the streets without a care in the world — enjoying the fact that there was no one else around.

Here’s that moment on video.

For Slier, keeping the penguins safe from harm has become a whole lot easier.

“During lockdown they are free to roam the streets as much as they like without having cars and crowds of people surrounding them,” Slier told The Dodo.

African penguins are an endangered species, and human disturbance is one of the biggest threats they face — so this period of quiet must be especially welcome. Fortunately, when things do start to return to normal, rangers like Slier will continue to be there to help keep them safe.

In the meantime, the city's all theirs.