Little Owls Are Very Angry After Finding A Hidden Camera Outside Their Den

They got their revenge 😂

These burrowing owls may be little, but their personalities certainly pack a punch.


Recently, folks at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in England decided to set up a hidden camera outside the home of two burrowing owls living at their facility. The hope was the owls would be none the wiser to the fact they were being watched.

"My main goal was initially to secretly film them showing off natural behavior as a species that dig and build nests underground using their feet," Tom Morath, a manager at the conservancy, told The Dodo.

All went according to plan — at first, anyway. Then one day the birds discovered the spy-cam in their midst. And as you'll see, they weren't too pleased:

The intruder outside their den never stood a chance.

"Owls: 1, bird team: 0," Morath said.