Baby Kangaroo Finds Roll Of Toilet Paper And Decides To Have Some Fun

She's so happy 😂

With so many people stuck at home around the world, toilet paper has become a hot commodity — but this little kangaroo in Australia doesn't seem to care.

At The Kangaroo Sanctuary, there are always orphaned baby kangaroos hopping around, learning their way in the world and sometimes getting into mischief. At one point during the chaos, a little resident named Indi snuck off and found herself in the bathroom — and discovered her family’s toilet paper stash!

Instead of seeing something useful, Indi just saw the toilet paper as something fun, and quickly began unraveling it, playing with it and chewing on it.

When her family finally discovered her, she’d pulled almost the whole roll down around her, and couldn’t have been happier about it.

Of course, no one could really be mad at her — after all, look at that face! As long as she had fun, that’s all that matters.