This Seal Met A Butterfly — And Her Reaction Was Totally Priceless

She was like a curious little kid ❤

Life’s most precious moments are often the ones never planned for. But as a marine animal in captivity, experiences beyond the predictable or routine are likely rarely afforded to this harbor seal named Kaya.

That may be why, when someone unexpected dropped in to pay a visit recently, she couldn’t have been more thrilled.

This week, the seal's keepers at the Oregon Zoo shared video of a butterfly flittering on an underwater glass wall lining Kaya's enclosure.

Her reaction was priceless — like that of a curious child seeing something for the very first time.

While it certainly seemed to be a magical moment for Kaya, this encounter was poignant in another sense. Kaya lives at a zoo with a disturbing track record in terms of animal care. In the wild, meanwhile, seals like her are notoriously curious, exploring their vast ocean environment — and sometimes even the occasional human visitor — most importantly, on their own terms.

But thanks to the butterfly, at least Kaya got a glimpse of the beauty that lies beyond her tank.