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Clever Octopus Finds Fishermen's Trap And Takes Full Advantage

The fishermen put him back in the water so that he could finish his meal.

Some fishermen in Key West, Florida, got quite a surprise recently when they pulled their trap out of the water. 

Octopus stealing fish from fishermen in Key West, Florida

A nonhuman animal was already taking advantage of the catch. 

"An octopus had found our live trap and was doing some fishing of its own," one of the fishermen wrote. "The clever octopus had attached itself to the top of the trap and used his long tentacles as fishing lines. The octopus would extend his tentacles and swipe several fishes at a time and slowly reel them up."

Octopodes are known to be extremely intelligent creatures who can use tools, strategize escape and even create little underwater cities. So it's no wonder the animal tends to fascinate human beings — scientists and fishermen alike.

The fishermen decided that the best thing to do would be to let nature take its course, and leave the clever predator to his meal.

"I thought it would be rude to interrupt his dinner!" one fisherman reflected.

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