Nice Lady Gives Little Blanket And Beanie To Iguana Stunned By Cold Snap

“I hoped that it would help a little" ❤️

In parts of Florida, a recent cold snap caused temperatures to fall well below norm — leading some animals to do more than merely shiver. Being cold-blooded, local iguanas especially found the chilly weather disruptive.

Shocked by the unusual cold, they began to fall from trees in a stupor.

South Florida resident Lori Bale knew the weather was prime for it to rain reptiles, and she was concerned for the ones who live around her house.

“Yesterday was the coldest temp we've had in years,” Bale told The Dodo. “When I woke up, I immediately checked our yard for downed iguanas.”

And sure enough, she found one.

Iggy, as Bale named him, was clearly having a rough time.

Lori Bale

Rather than leave Iggy to face the cold weather unprotected, which would cause his internal temperature to drop even more, Bale decided to get creative.

She improvised a little blanket for him from a towel, and placed a torn piece of her dog’s plush toy on Iggy’s head like a beanie.

“I hoped that it would help a little,” Bale said.

Lori Bale

Turns out, it did seem to have helped.

“I left for work and came back home hours later and found his blankie, but no Iggy,” Bale said.

However, Iggy had apparently decided to keep the hat.

Lori Bale

Bale's sweet gesture toward the iguana was a thankless one, but she feels grateful regardless to have had the chance to help him out.

"I'm happy to know he survived," Bale said. "I'm sure I'll see him sunning himself by the canal as soon as our weather gets better."