Woman Kept Getting Mysterious Calls — Until She Uncovered The Tiny Culprit

"I get another call. It’s coming from inside the hospital ..."

Last Thursday, something quite bizarre began happening to Dr. Claire Simeone, director of the Kei Kai Ola hospital for Hawaiian monk seals on the Big Island of Hawaii — kicking off what she described as: "One of the best things I've experienced all year."

And it all began with a call. Then another and another.


"So yesterday I started getting calls [from a number] at our hospital," Simeone wrote on Twitter. "I was [out] getting lunch, so I thought maybe someone had a seal-related question. I picked up. Silence."

Though it might have seemed like no one was on the other end of line, Simeone would later come to learn that there was someone there — but it wasn't who she expected.

That someone kept calling, and Simeone started to think that something must be amiss. 

"I arrive [to the hospital]. All is calm. Did anyone call me? No one did," Simeone wrote.

Here's when things get a little spooky: "I get another call. It’s coming from inside the hospital."

Other people start calling in saying they've been getting mysterious calls from the hospital, too. Simeone gets in touch with an agent at the phone company.

"He confirms that, yes, a bazillion calls are coming from one line. But I look at our office line. It’s not that one," Simeone wrote. "He asks me to look around to find the problem line."

So, she does — all the while, the tension building.

It's unclear how long Simeone searched around for the mystery caller inside the hospital, but it would be hard to blame her if she began to think that something paranormal was afoot.

That is, until she happened upon this:

The mystery had been solved!

The caller was a tiny green gecko.


While the gecko had presumably been dialing people by accident, if he was actually looking for attention, he more than got it. Simeone's enthralling series of tweets about the little lizard saga have since gone viral, racking up thousands of likes and retweets.

Everyone loves a good mystery — especially one with such a cute culprit.